The Pool House

The “Pool House” is a 8’x20′ container that allows you to keep the pool water outside your house. This unit can be outfitted with waterproof flooring and has plenty of room for changing and drying wet clothes. It has a bathroom and shower to rinse off after your day in the sun. This unit can […]

The Out of Office

The “Out of Office” is a 8’x20′ backyard office space where you can have your home office, not in your home. This backyard unit has enough room for a desk, bookcase, couch, or conference table for meetings. This backyard unit allows you to keep your business life and your home life separate and allows you […]

The Guest House

The “Guest House” is a standard 16’x20′ container home that can be outfitted with a full bath, a shower for two, a kitchenette, and a queen sized bed. This is great for multi-generational homes to give each family a private quarters or a guest house for friends and family visits. The InSoFast insulation system will […]

The Sky’s the Limit

The  “Sky’s the Limit” model offers a sky deck that expands your outdoor experience up and out! It has a rooftop deck that is 8’x20′ with all the safety railing and comfort for the whole family. This option can come with the “Outdoorsman” features below the “sky deck” for a covered patio option. This gives you a total of […]

The Van Life

The “Van Life” is a 8’x20′ deck with a covered awning so you double your living space to equal 320 sq. ft. of total living space. The “Van Life” has 160 sq. ft. of indoor space and 160 sq. ft. of outdoor living space. This design will merry up with your RV to use the […]

The Family Affair

“The Master Welder” model is a extended 8’x28′ contain that comes with a full bath, kitchenette, and a queen-size bedroom with a murphy bed option that doubles as the living room. This is the master suite option and the right size for just the two of you. This is the perfect retreat from the city where you […]

The Tap Room

“The Tap Room” model has a wet bar/entertainment/gaming area with an optional full bath or a bunk room. This is perfect for the back yard experience or on your property in the woods where you want to entertain your friends and family while camping in that tent, RV, or additional container to add the “Bear […]

The Do it Your-Selfer

The “Do it Your-Selfer” starts as an 8’x20′ container with windows installed and a full insulation system so you can buy, build, and finish your container cabin yourself, at your own pace, and with your own tools! It is a 160 sq. ft. indoor structure that comes complete with the layout plans of your choosing with the […]