Giving Back

Giving Back

Today and into the Future

Shipping containers expire as cargo carriers within 5 years, after which they are abandoned at shipyards for years or are even dropped into the ocean. Carbon Dwell wants to give new life the containers. One way we want to do that is by giving back to others.


Urban Dwell is a non-profit that provides housing for those who are in need. Containers are extremely flexible. They are built to be transported, easily dropped in any area, and used with minimal work. Whether that is due to a natural disaster or the need to provide convenient low/no-cost shelter, containers can offer a quick, simple, and low-cost option for providing shelter. A10’x10′ urban dwelling unit is a simple solution to housing for those in need. Designed to be rugged, sanitary, and safe as a nightly usage model. When properly insulated, they can make for a warm and cozy home in the winter, and a cooler home in the summer. They can withstand practically any extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. Most of all, they are more cost effective than traditional housing and extremely easy to build into a home. 

Bringing Back the Trades Every day, the shortage in skilled trades continues to grow. As job openings continue to increase without new laborers to fill them, the situation could impact every element of home services and construction with longer wait times, reduced quality, and higher costs. Container dwellings are a great way to build future partnerships with apprentice programs. Think about it, every house requires a plumber, electrician, carpenter, welder, designer, engineer… Because containers are a low-cost quick turn dwelling unit, using apprentices allows them to get hands-on experience right away.

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