Solutions to Dwellings

There are many reasons why shipping containers are the best solution for dwellings.


We are Health Focused- All builds will be done with 1 trip containers to ensure non-hazardous materials were transported in them. All building materials will be low emission and non-hazardous. Most shipping container builders use chemical spray foam insulation that not only reduces the interior size of the dwelling but has not been studied for its long-term effects on health. The InSoFast technology maximizes dwelling space and improved R-factor insulation. This technology will also negate the need for wood-constructed walls. All materials used will be of low volatile organic compounds.

Design Based The designs will be “high-end for the working man.” They will look like a $200,000 dwelling at 25% of the cost! They will have fashion, fit, form, and function or we will not build at all. Our dwellings will be handcrafted, and custom-built with little to no outsourcing The unit dividing walls will be glass dividers to give an open floor plan feel, with concrete countertops, and custom features like Murphy or “zero gravity beds”. Which are custom-built beds that stow in the ceilings or walls, to maximize space but not reduce comfort. We will design spa-like bathrooms and LED lighting features promoting Carbon Dwell inside and out.  

Expansion Engineered- All dwellings will have a unique “expansion flange” where windows and door openings can be easily converted or an additional container can be “mated” to add extra living space. The “expansion flange” can add an 8’ wide, 4’ deep “bump-out” similar to an RV slide-out or a full container to add rooms turning it into a Carbon Home. This means as your family grows, your Carbon Dwell can grow with it.