Why Carbon Dwell

Why Carbon Dwell

Solutions to Dwellings

There are many reasons why shipping containers are one of the solutions to dwellings.


They are virtually indestructible to the elements that life will throw at them.

  1. A container can stand up to 300 miles/hour winds
  2. Handle 300 lbs./sq. ft. of snow load
  3. Containers are air and water-tight
  4. Containers are built out of corten steel which means when they rust, it seals itself from the elements.
  5. “If they can brave the highest seas, they can take what your family can throw at it without a problem.”

They are shippable to move with you as it changes. Carbon Dwell can be taken with you. Our “plug and play” utility system allows for quick connect/disconnect and comes complete with a leveling system so foundations and onsite construction is not needed.

They are environmentally conscious. Carbon Dwell owners are literally “upcycling”/rescuing shipping containers from being discarded. The very carbon structure reduces your carbon footprint by not destroying our forest for lumber, our earth for raw materials, and our lives with adding to emissions to develop the raw materials needed for the structure.

They are expandable. With Carbon Dwell’s expandable flange system, you can add additional containers to your first dwelling as your needs change. The “expansion flange” allows for each owner to unbolt their window/door section and simply link the new Carbon Dwell addition. By simply bolting on additional containers you can easily double you square feet of living/working space.

They are affordable. Carbon Dwell lets you minimize your living space or expanding your living space without leaving your main residence. Today with the housing shortage home prices stand in the way of becoming a homeowner. Carbon Dwell creates an opportunity to become an owner and leave renting behind.

They are a multi-family/generation solution to living together. Today the founders live together with three generations in the same Carbon Dwell structure. It allows multi-families to have private dwellings on the same property without becoming “roommates”.

They are a great solution to working from home! From a health and wellness perspective, studies have shown working from home is not the best physical or mental health solution due to a static (and most times) isolated environment. Carbon Dwell is the solution for having multiple unique spaces – separating your work environment from home and escaping the daily grind. 

It is cozy to live minimalistic. If the founder of Tesla can live tiny (300 sq. ft.) then, why can’t we all Carbon Dwell?

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